Dental Cleanings — Why Do You Need Them?

Try Dental-Friendly Vanilla-Glazed Chocolate Mini Cakes

You’ve probably heard that sweets and your teeth do not mix well. This might strike a dart in your heart because you secretly want a treat every now and then. The following mini cake recipe contains oral-enhancing ingredients and will also satisfy your sweet-tooth. Dental-Friendly Ingredients In Your Recipe The following are some ingredients that […]

Denture Stomatitis

Denture stomatitis, a buildup of the bacteria Candida albicans, is most often a result of dentures that have been improperly cared for. It is often characterized by red tissue around the dentures, small red sores under the dentures, and sometimes white patches around the mouth. How one gets denture stomatitis The most common cause of […]

Services Provided By An Emergency Dentist

Many dentists provide emergency services to their patients, generally without an appointment. They are always ready to take in patients with excruciating pain, severe oral bleeding, broken jaws and loose teeth, among other oral emergencies and provide them with the right treatment that can get rid of their dental problems. In case you have been […]